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Terapia is a leading training centre in integrative child psychotherapy and counselling, based in North West London.  There is a growing demand for highly qualified professionals who work sensitively and creatively with children and teenagers.

Terapia offers in-depth training in therapeutic psychology and counselling and covers all topics related to children's mental health.  At Terapia we believe that a child’s emotional development depends largely on the presence of a loving, supportive and safe environment. This will facilitate a child’s growth into adulthood as a healthy, confident and happy individual.In some circumstances, however, a child may need therapeutic intervention to heal painful experiences or compensate for the surrounding world, which does not meet his/her emotional needs. At Terapia we are committed to the belief that as child psychotherapists we are in a unique position of responsibility. We recognize that children are the most vulnerable part of our society.  They are also the least powerful of humankind.  Their emotional, spiritual, cognitive and physical wellbeing will depend on the adults around them. The inequality of power and lesser transparency of the work requires that a child psychotherapist has the utmost professional and personal integrity.  A psychotherapist who has gone through a thorough academic, experiential and practice based learning, combined with an intense personal development, will be able to facilitate a child’s healing process by establishing a meaningful therapeutic relationship.There are five main training courses at Terapia:

Terapia conducts approximately six Open Evenings throughout the year and they take place at our training site in Hendon, London NW4.  If you like to find out more about our training, meet our tutors and prospective students, please email us at training@terapia.co.uk or call us on 020  8201 6101 to book your place.

There will be no further Open Evenings in 2015.  If you would like to receive the dates of our Open Evenings in 2016, please send us an email to training@terapia.co.uk and we will add you to our mailing list.   All dates for 2016 will be listed here as soon as they are available.


A training session in Terapia
integrative child psychology and counselling, based in North West London.